Final Project

Think Positive Proactive ?


Hey y’all!

Let me describe my ordinary day to you real quick…


I wake up in the morning, hug my lovely dog, Max,  brush my teeth, change my clothes, hug Max again before heading to the office.

When I’m in the elevator, everyone is staring at me…




I still got Max’s smell on me. No wonder I’m so “popular.”  (sooo awkward)

Well, for all the puppy parent like me on the planet. 

Diptyque is here for us! 

They now have new perfume series: <PAWSITIVE>

Do you Know ?

Dogs’ senses are different from human’s. A dog’s smell is a million times more sensitive than us, so perfume might overwhelm them and even worst, be disgusted for them.


Therefore, Dipytque’s newly-launched perfume series, pawsitive, have been specially formulated to not irritate dogs’ skin, eyes, or nose.

The Pawsitive is not just an odor remover, it finds the balance smell between dog parents and their lovely dog(s). You can hug your dog(s) as much as you like without worrying awkward moments afterwards.

Why did I choose DIPTYQUE ?

Straight up, the Pawsitive series’ perfume smell amazingly good. I tried it on once and can’t help sniffing my clothes the rest of the day.


What’s more important is that Max seemed to like it too. I stopped using perfume after I had Max worrying that he might get allergy.


Now, I can spread the Pawsitive perfume whenever I want.


It’s a limited edition which contains two perfume: Le Chien & Le Chienne.


You can DIY your own perfume bottle in-store by adding your pet’s name.


Come to Diptyque to farewell to your awkward odors, and think Pawsitive!

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