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The Sill aims to provide the opportunity for modern people to have their plant oasis inside their houses, bringing the spring to your beloved ones.

We offer plants that make everyone in your house feel happier, healthier, more efficient and souled, especially during the quarantine time.

Today, we’re more than excited to announce the limited edition plants- HERBS responding to our customers’ needs during the pandemic.

HERB Is all you need to light up your quarantine time

✓Easy-to-grow plants

✓Add flavor to your favorite dishes

✓Save money and waste less

✓Accompany you during quarantine

✓Improve your health

✓Only cover small area

Plants are not just plants.

They can be your loyal and honest buddies.

They can light up your living room.

They never refuse to add flavor to your meals.

You can discover more by owning one special HERB from The Sill.

Our secret to save your SOULLESS FOOD

Once people were encouraged to stay home more, everyone seemed to simultaneously adopt a new hobby: COOKING.

For all the new born chef during the quarantine time, The Sill is here for you!

If you feel like your food is only one step away from the food in your favorite restaurant.

The secret is owning your own HERB.

We have the all-day recipe for you to follow, and you’ll be one step closer to become a Michelin chef.

We have the best HERBS for you to choose from:

Thyme | Oregano | Rosemary | Mint | Basil | Chervil | Parsley

Want to take our Herbs to your house or know more about the all-day recipe, please go to or find the nearest store around you.

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